Windows 8 – Leaping into… Badassness

image After seeing the really badass Win8 plug, I made the leap: my X200 is now running Win8…  not without trepidation (thank you Mr. Fitzpatrick for teaching me how to do forensic backups – much appreciated).

First impressions.  How the f do you shut this thing down?  Oh…  Settings…  that totally makes sense!  Unless you are not supposed to shut this thing down.  Ever.

First thing you need to learn not to miss the start menu: Win-Q.  Trust me.

Anyway, I hope my computer will stop going all pensive on me on a regular basis.  So far so good.

Oh, couple of other things:

  • IIS isn’t installed by default – activate in features.  If it doesn’t work, do the MSFT Web Installer and get the Recommended IIS settings (or whatever it’s called).
  • Microsoft  BizSpark is amazing.  You get access to pretty much all software.  Discovered I have access to Office 2013.  Limited licenses, but cool nevertheless.  Just wish the signup had less clicks.
  • Had an “oh-shi” moment when the stylus didn’t work and Lenovo didn’t have X200 Win7 MultiTouch driver, but Win7 driver worked fine.

Might as well write out software I am using:

OK, time to get some sleep.  While it was somewhat nervewracking to update, it was made easier by using Google Drive and Dropbox.  And Win8 does feel significantly faster, although that could be just because I paved…

Anyway, time to sleep.  Looks like I am not going to NJ after all this weekend…  sigh…

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