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Court Coming Up: the Battle that’s Brewing

image So, on Nov. 4th at 2pm I shall continue my fight with and for our judicial system.

Core issue: a Court engaged in numerous transgressions culminating in violating my Constitutional in banning me from filing pleadings for now 2 years.

My intention: to take meaningful steps to contribute to fixing this failure and to hopefully significantly reduce the probability of this sort of abuse happening in the future.

My parents paid a very high cost to bring me to this country.  They did so in large part because this country is built upon certain ideas. When I consider what being banned from filing pleadings actually means, how terrifying this is when you slow down to consider the implications, it suppresses whatever fear and anxiety I have about standing up to authority and gives me a calm, methodical, and righteous drive where I do not have an option to back down.

Summary of What Had Happened

In 2006, I co-founded JoVE with a friend of mine, Moshe Pritsker.  Moshe is a good guy.  A bit of a tank, but that’s what it takes to be an entrepreneur.  JoVE was Moshe’s idea and he made me an equal partner when he didn’t have to effectively making me who I am.  For this I am in his debt.  We were also joined by a third partner, Klaus Korak.  Klaus has a different value system than I do and, given everything that has happened, I will never work with him again under any circumstances.

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