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Travel plans – New England

So I am trying to figure out where to go with my brother. 

Some options (all times are using Boston as a point of reference):

  • Go up to Mount Katahdin – 4 hours according to Google Maps, 5.5 hours according to Bing, but drive is along the East shore line, which might be pretty cool in itself.
    • Knife’s Edge on Katahdin, although I wonder if we might not be very well prepared. 
  • Lakes of the Clouds Hut on Mount Washington, which is roughly a 3.5 hours drive North of Boston.
  • Rent a car and simply drive up to Maine and see what happens grabbing directions/advice on the way
  • Lake Placid going South but we already did this in the past.  Would be nice to try something new.  It was pretty awesome though…  having said that, that’s also about 5 hours from Boston, so we might as well go up to New Hampshire or Maine, which will supposedly (according to Kerianne, a colleague of mine) be less commercial.
  • Another thing we could do is grab an Amtrak pass and travel around various cities, which would be great if we could go out further inland.  But if we leave on Tuesday and should be back on Sunday, that’s 7 days including the the day of departure and day of arrival.
  • Another thing that might be cool is to find cliff-jumping spots.  Perhaps we could check out Jamestown, RI, although that’s in the other direction…  Which might actually work – what we could drive down to Jamestown and then find hiking/sailing in Rhode Island.  Perhaps we could pick up a windsurfing or kitesurfing clinic?

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