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Sometimes thoughts just click… Just posted the following to http://www.uspoliticsonline.com

“IMHO, the US has just as much ignorance as any other place. Just like in any democratic country in Europe, people tend to brew in groups choosing feel-good literature that resonates with their point of view.

Ask most Americans why they like/hate George Bush and you will get the same answer you’ll get from most Europeans: an emotional outpour completely devoid of economic or political perspective/context.”


And another post that was a reply to a Bush = Hitler comparison:

“May be I am wrong, but it seems to me a great ignorance to equate Bush and his cabinet to the likes of Hitler.

Bush+friends: elected leaders in a decentralized government structure under constant scrutiny from the outside as well as from within. The closest he comes to violating human rights at home is abortion issues and, perhaps, the presumed stupidity he subjects his voters to during his speeches. The US, even to the most critical of eyes, was a stable economic powerhouse.

Hitler+friends: centralized government, engaged in gross human-rights violations inside his own country as well as outside, head of a country in an economically and politically volatile time period.

Everything else to be said about legality can be derived from the statement above. I agree that we have to pay attention to what’s going on, but let’s be reasonable here.”


Can’t wait for eDebate to come to life… damn bugs and no time to weed them out.

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