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Link: Stop Doing Crunches

Summary: crunches suck.  Stop doing them.

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PatientsLikeMe or Why We Suck?

TED Presentation from

Perhaps I am wrong, but, at this point, I feel angry.  Angry at all the people who claim that science and rigor are the only way to go dismissing application of simple ideas like crowdsourcing accepting status quo based on “Oh, it’s never gonna work” giving a tip-of-the-hat to the young and naive.  Yet, how the f*ck is it that, a paper is published in PNAS that suggested a treatment for ALS and it takes some small site to invalidate this information fairly quickly while it takes millions of dollars and years to get the same answer?  Of course there are plenty explanations and many will be reasonable.  But I feel like the PatientsLikeMe approach should be embraced and promoted by everyone from foundations to the private sector to government.  Yet, instead, I can’t get my medical data to flow between various entities due to regulations.

I wonder if preventing consumers from effectively sharing their data is something that could be overturned using legal action…

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Dad and Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is apparently very nasty stuff – dad was recently diagnosed and now it’s taking him a long time to recover.  One month of antibiotics seems like intense treatment, but, talking to him, despite this intensity, I get the impression that he is frustrated over the lack of concrete knowledge/prognosis of the disease that would tell him with some certainty how soon before he feels better.  Initially he was told that it would take 10 days to feel better.  Then 2 months.  And now 2 years.

So I decided to do a bit of research on my own and see what’s up.  Here is what I found:

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HSV/Cold Sores

OK, so my ex recently got in touch with me and was really worried – a guy she was dating was developing first symptoms of cold sores and he was getting upset at her for “giving her an STD”. I had my first outbreak several years ago (and I think I gave it to said ex) and, initially, I was quite traumatized – I mean, WTF, I have an STD now?  So I did some research and realized it’s not a big deal and almost everyone I know has it already so it’s surprising it has taken so long for me to get infected (or perhaps I was infected all along and now I just have symptoms).  But, this probably wouldn’t calm that guy down.  So I got in touch with a friend of mine, Anna Kushnir, who did research on HSV at Harvard, and here is what she wrote.  Anna, you are awesome.

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Cold Water Procedure or How to Never Have a Cold

The following is a procedure that I highly recommend if you would like to deal with or prevent a cold or generally improve your health.

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