What if God’s Intention is for Humanity to Transcend Religion?

imageThe fundamental of any religion is that God is not shallow.

Take the Christian framework.  God is wise and powerful. Yet, if one looks at the religion at face value, a paradox immediately emerges: God is all-powerful, thereby all knowing, thereby any suffering caused is as God intends it.  Yet causing unnecessary suffering is, by definition, petty.  And there is no shortage of suffering either in the Bible or in history.  A God that would force humanity to endure the 20th century, unless one assumes that it might have never existed, would be incredibly petty.  And yet…  God cannot be petty by definition.  And so we are at a liar paradox – can God create a rock He can’t lift? (An entirely new spin on “do you even lift bro”…)

This may seem impossible to reconcile, but what if…  what if God is not subject to time?  What if God created and destroyed all in an instant? What if, in that instant, God gave humanity a riddle with intention that, to become truly religious, one must solve the riddle in realizing that no frameworked religion is the truth…  to know God one must set aside all existing notions of God.

Thus to become truly religious, one must cast aside and transcend religion.


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One response to “What if God’s Intention is for Humanity to Transcend Religion?

  1. Carmel

    Organised religion assumes the idea that only one religion can be the truth, and therefore everyone else has it wrong. But what if none are the truth? Better yet, what if there exists some universal truth of ‘spirituality’ (for want of a term) within every religion, bogged down and misinterpreted over centuries by our own human weaknesses: ie. those evolutionary instincts we inherited from animals to survive, dominate and subdue those we see as ‘others’?
    What if it is these instincts that are at the centre of all the suffering? What if the ultimate goal of humanity (based on our unique capacity to act against these instincts, our unique level of abstract thought and our unique awareness of a spiritual presence) is to transcend all the barriers of naive judgement we have created (language, religion, politics, culture, nationalism, etc) and genuinely seek this spirituality (or interconnectedness of all life) to become the true ‘stewards of the earth and its inhabitants’ which was our initial task?
    Can you imagine what this global humanity could achieve?

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