Brexit–the Case for Sanity.

imageWhenever something like this happens, I am amazed how tabloids make things sound so polar and so one-sided catering to our collective popular trumpesque whims (all of the puns!)…

I’d just like to point out a few obvious things.  UK GDP is 2.678 trillion.  EU GDP is 16.2 trillion.  That is, UK is #2 in the top 5 (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain. collectively 10.5 trillion, which is 71.8% of total EU GDP) with UK being 17.6% of total EU GDP.  Yeah…

So, if 17 million people voted to disengage from EU, there is probably a reason.  I don’t know enough to hold a strong position, but if I were to speculate (cause that’s just fun), I am guessing that it has something to do with EU becoming a bureaucracy without accountability that doesn’t adequately represent the interests of the UK and the UK is probably right to say “Uh…  guys, this isn’t working for us.  Let’s figure this out.”

So instead of pointing the finger at the UK gasping in horror as if one had witnessed an idiot stepping on a rake, would it be healthier to ask why UK is about to leave and what must change about EU to keep one of its most important partners?  I mean, keep in mind that EU has 2 years to figure out how to adjust itself to keep UK in…  Just sayin…

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