Pre-Trial Status and Motion To Dismiss Hearing Yeah What…

judge what.After 2 reschedules, had a hearing yesterday with Judge Hogan.  Here is my plan for what was said (feel free to comment/contribute) and there is an audio transcript for the hearing that I might get later.

Focus according to Judge: status hearing, motion to dismiss.

Focus according to me: system is broken, do something

And then…

I recommended that Tom Fitzpatrick is disbarred, that Judge Dennis Curran and Judge Kimberly Budd are removed as judges, that Judge Curran should face criminal charges under color of law for denying me rights afforded by our constitution and law.  It was, shall we say, picturesque in an anticlimactically mundane court room. And, most likely, as usual, a lot of my analysis I think was backwards and I messed up the pleading numbers and I applied federal law to state context, and made all the usual pro se mistakes, but…  I think the point was made.  Let’s see what happens next.

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