MGH/MIT/Samsung Hackathon: Skin Diagnostics

CaptureAnother hackathon I did recently ran by MGH, MIT Hacking Medicine, and Samsung.  I joined Vlad Ratushny‘s team to try to use the new Samsung Galaxy phone’s oximeter to do skin diagnostics.  Specifically, to tell benign conditions, from cellulitis, from necrotizing fasciitis, which, for lack of a better expression, is really scary sh*t.  Anyway, the PPT is here and below. 

So this was a particularly interesting project because this hackathon had a ridiculous amount of Type A talent – a good chunk (perhaps a third) were clinicians.  It was super-short (one day), but felt saturated and a lot was accomplished.  Not so much by way of hacking, but more in terms of combining talents to lay the ground for interesting projects – to think, brainstorm, come up with ideas, etc.

One thing about hackathons is that they feel exausting –  I remember when I did Startup Weekend events, it was a three-day event.  And somehow, after all that work, when judges judged in an off-handed manner that really didn’t feel like they actually looked at what we’ve put together, I felt somewhat depressed.  With this one, not so much – perhaps because of the caliber of people, perhaps because it was so short, or perhaps everyone got a Gear S watch.  The idea of getting something just made me feel all warm-and-fuzzy and perhaps all hackathons should have something for teams that achieve some measure of success.  Actually, the AhtenaHealth hackathon I did sent feedback from the judges after the last hackathon, which felt pretty great.  And that’s cheaper than a Gear S watch.

Vlad is continuing with the project as far as I know, so if anyone wants to help, leave a comment.


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