AthenaHealth Hackathon: OTF / Outcomes Tracking Firm

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 11.52.31 PMWhen I started working on JoMI, my mind was blown by the state of medicine – and not in a good way.  I found particularly troubling that it’s impossible to get the batting average for your physician – for all the talk of outcomes, I expected to be able to ask the question: which physician would offer me the highest probability of the most desirable outcome?

So this weekend I ended up participating in the MIT/AthenaHealth MDP Hackathon and I pitched (and ended up working on): OTF – Outcomes Tracking Firm.  The idea is to create an independent firm that would:

  • audit physicians by tracking patient outcomes
  • be able to answer: if I am patient X with condition Y, where should I go to maximize my chances of recovery?

While at JoMI, I’ve seen several cases where physicians themselves couldn’t agree on what is a better approach – if physicians can’t agree, how is the patient supposed to make a decision?  In the ideal world, all health/medical systems would be integrated allowing outcomes data to drive all healthcare-related decisions (especially preventative).  Until then, I think OTFs could be a temporary fix and it seems like it may be in everyone’s interests: patients make outcomes-based decisions, physicians with good outcomes get more exposure, net outcomes would hopefully improve driving costs down, which is of interest to insurance companies and hospitals.  And if OTFs upload data into an international database, this could facilitate epidemiological analysis.

If anyone is interested in working on this idea, please let me know (  I don’t have much time to dedicate to OTF at the moment, but I do think this is a project that would either quickly generate revenues or quickly fail and I’d be very happy to help get this off the ground.  And if it does get off the ground, there is a good chance of validating OTFs as a model for businesses, which could then push data into central outcomes registries getting us closer to an integrated data-driven solution to match the times we live in.

Our Final Presentation:

OTF Final Presentation Powerpoint 

P.S.  Huge thanks to my teammates: Jennifer, Olga, Nathan, Dan, Sunny, Natasha, Saran, Kalpana, and Nikita (not me, another Nikita – yes really).  It was a great experience working with you all.

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