Update: Appeals Court Denies Petition & Status Quo – No Pasaran!

image Alrighty then.  My petition for review has been denied.  Congrats.  Courts still not working as intended.  Good to know I have my work cut out for me – this has become a matter of principle.  Next stop: state supreme court.

So, let’s recap:

On the Legal Front:

  • Moshe and Klaus froze me out.
  • Court joined them in issuing a ridiculously inappropriate restraining order and preliminary injunction (Paper #16)
  • Court has allowed discovery to be conducted in violation of its own rules (Paper #51)
  • Court then harassed and slandered a pro se litigant (Paper #51 Ruling)
  • Court then awarded costs and fees claiming that pro se litigant was in contempt, when I pointed out that court was making a mistake and neither court nor opposing side said anything to address this (Paper #64)
  • Court then halted judicial procedure when the indigent pro se litigant was unable to pay these costs (Paper #79)
  • Court has effectively ignored motions for reconsideration and petitions for review.  (Petition 1, Petition 2, Petition 3, and a whole bunch of motions for reconsideration)

Partial timeline is available here.  Document index is here.  This is justice?  No, this is, to use a technical term, bullshit.  Either judges are being lazy, prejudiced against a pro se litigant, or worse – internal politics and corruption.  Good thing thing it’s all really obvious at this point – should be easy to escalate and get press for this when time comes.  I can imagine the headline: “MA – Not a Place to Start your Small Business” or “MA – Terrible for Entrepreneurs”.

Meanwhile, at JoVE:

  • A crazy number of good people left.
  • Churn is ridiculous.
  • Glassdoor reviews are abysmal,
  • Company revenue growth dropped from 114% (2010 to 2011) to 1.59% (2011 to 2012).  I hope that we can at least maintain subscription growth.  Though Moshe has surrounded himself with largely incompetent yes-men, so who knows…
  • Moshe Pritsker and Klaus Korak effectively forced themselves into a corner: any money they pay themselves over what we had agreed upon prior to the freeze-out is a violation of their fiduciary duty to me and will thus become an issue when I finally get the Courts to do their job.

Perhaps The Big Lebowski said it best:

In the meantime, I’ve become a scrappy entrepreneur…  Which is exciting, but ain’t easy…  ain’t easy at all.


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