MegaBus Sucks

image For those of you taking the MegaBus, beware – they don’t care about their customers.

I got a ticket from Boston to Secaucus for 10:20 on 9/7/2013.  All good, except I made an innocent mistake of mixing up AM and PM.  OK, no big deal – guys, just put me on the bus to NY at 11 and I’ll make my way to NJ myself.  And then…

This is where hilarity ensued.  First the rep at South Station (Janice M.) tells me that there is nothing she can do.  I call customer support – they tell me I can pay $5 to be a standby for the NY bus.  Janice tells me that that’s not the case.  I am still on the phone, so I ask to speak with the manager to see if something can be worked out – they hang up mid conversation.  Janice calls customer support, briefly explains the situation.  Hands over the phone and I am talking to Robert Taylor.  Robert tells me he can’t do anything either, if I have any complaints I should email, refuses to allow me to speak with the manager, and then says that he is “required” to hang up the phone.  I go back to Janice, who is super-nice and it’s evident that she is not resonating with their customer support, but there is just nothing she can do…

So, MegaBus, you have some good people working for you, but as a company it seems that you just don’t care about your customers and would rather squeeze an extra buck than have a loyal customer.  It would have been easy and fair to switch the ticket, to issue a refund, to do something that allows me as a customer to like you as a company.  But that’s not what you did.  Your call, but then it is my call to blog about your practices, vote with my dollars, and warn others about your practices.

MegaBus – if you care about your customers, please do something to show as much and consider changing your policy.  Make it possible for your customer to love you, rather than alienating us in treating us as a commodity.

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