Moving Up the Ladder: Second Petition for Review

image Filed a “Petition for Review” with the Appeals Court: petition PDF in the following folder.  Let’s see where this takes us.  One recurring theme I am hearing from some people familiar with our court system is that lower courts are often disgustingly political in their behavior.  That is, people do each other “favors” and, as judges are former lawyers, everyone knows each other.  That explains why, when talking to several attorneys, the conversation sometimes goes something like:

Lawyer: So who’s the judge?

Me: so-and-so

Lawyer: Oh!  I know him/her [or] his/her wife/husband.  They are a good judge.

Yeaaah…  How nice, but no thanks.  The silver lining is that things get better as one moves up the appeals process.

I want to live in a country where courts are fair and do not discriminate against pro se litigants.  And with that in mind, let’s see if the Appeals court fixes things a bit.  And if they do not, the next step is the Supreme Judicial Court (Wiki-Law).


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2 responses to “Moving Up the Ladder: Second Petition for Review

  1. Olga Bernstein

    Kitulia, I can not open the petition. It can be our problem on the server, or yours, just check Love mama ________________________________

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