Court Update: Entry of Default DENIED

image So, finally some good news.  After my motion for reconsideration (Paper #81, Blog Post), Court clarified that Award of Default is Denied (Court Order), and that the clerk is ordered to not accept papers (a gag order? really?).  Interestingly enough, Judge Curran followed up with an order to strike my motion for reconsideration (Paper #82). 

One curious thing is that the “clarification” order was initially marked as one made by Judge Angel Kelley-Brown, and then corrected to be Judge Curran (at least this was the case online – both written notices I received are marked as Judge Kelley-Brown).  Not sure exactly what’s going on – perhaps it’s a genuine clerical mistake…

Anyway, at least now there is some semblance of sanity…  not much, but it’s a start.

So let’s sum up: setting aside the ridiculous nature of fees and all that predates (blog post), a judge has effectively imposed a gag order on an indigent litigant, because said litigant can’t afford to pay the opposing side an award of fees.  Does this seem fair to you?  Strikes me as complete BS and, lucky for me, lower courts are overseen by higher courts.  So…  need to file my petition for review.

And so we keep going…  in the meantime, came across: 1) John Grisham on Guantanamo (The Guardian) and 2) Government Releases First 100 pages of the Swatz File (Wired).  Generally I would dismiss both stories as “there must be some reason for that” and go on with my day.  But given what I am going through, it feels entirely possible that the judicial system and government are capable of engaging in tremendous amount of abuse wasting taxpayer dollars and people’s sanity in the process.  This puts Snowden in an entirely new light as well…

Anyway, back to work before doing more pleading writing.

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