Updates and a New Addition to My Defense: The Legal Defense Card!


So, some updates and then my new “Legal Defense Card”:

P#74 – I was allowed to modify my response to counterclaim by a new Judge Angel Kelley-Brown

P#75 – Motion to Strike Affidavits was denied, also by Judge Angel Kelley-Brown.  My objection is on the record and can now be referenced, so that’s good.  And now affidavits are out in the open and not just in front of a judge, which will make it unlikely thatanyone else will allow themselves to be coerced under pressure…

P#79 – Motion for stay of claims and Entry of Default Judgment was allowed by Judge Curran.  Holy crap.  That’s unreal.  No due process, litigant is indigent, and his inability to pay leads to a default?  This is not right.  Either Judge Curran made a mistake or this needs to be decided upon by an appeals court.

P#78 – Motion to Sanction Fitzpatrick denied.  Also by Judge Curran.  Why is Judge Curran making decisions on a non-emergency matter?  I don’t know.  Another motion to appeal – it’s pretty obvious that Fitzpatrick should be sanctioned, or, at the very least, reminded of his fiduciary duties to shareholders of a company that is paying him…

Complete index of docs is here.

For those not in the loop, Judge Curran really doesn’t like me.  And for good reason, as I’ve called him out on breach of judicial conduct (link), I’ve argued (and intend to continue to argue) that he has allowed discovery to be conducted (timeline) in violation of court’s own rules and procedures (argument), and he just seems to not read my motions instead going with sound bites from Fitzpatrick.  Ironically, this is the same judge who was previously reading my email to Fitzpatrick to counter the suggestion that I “resigned” and then “strongly recommended” that we mediate within 45 days…  not sure what this “strong recommendation” means, but it surely didn’t have any tangible consequences thus far – needless to say, all my attempts to initiate mediation have been refused.

Anyway, those are the news.  But I now have a new weapon!!!  For those of you who live on Central Square, you may have walked by that incredible house on Brookline – the one with writing all over it.  Yesterday I met its inhabitant: Peter.  Peter is awesome.  You may have seen him arranging a collection of toys at Toscanini’s.  Anyway, we had a great chat and, upon learning of my legal troubles, he gave me the Legal Defense Card.  Ahhh yeaaaah!  Take THAT Moshe, Klaus, and Fitzpatrick!!!  🙂

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