Appeals Process Explanation

imageToday I had the appeals process demystified.  Originally, I was working off a rather confusing blog post from the Law Library.  I got through the first step, but just spoke with a clerk at the Supreme Judicial Court for the County of Suffolk and he has shed some light on the mess.  I documented what I learned on Wiki-Law: Appeals.  But, the gist of it is this – you have five courts:

  1. Lower Court
  2. Appeals Court
  3. Supreme Judicial Court
  4. US District Court
  5. US Supreme Court

The proper process to appeal is to gradually go up a level.  I was unhappy with the Lower Court decision, so I filed an appeal with the appeals court.  The appeals court refused to rule on anything older than 30 days and didn’t agree with me that the Application for Fees was not proper.  So now I need to appeal with the Supreme Judicial Court.  The nice thing is that there is no 30 day window for the Supreme Judicial Court, so I can have Judge Curran’s behavior reviewed in its entirety.

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