How I Make Decisions, Goals for JoVE

image Let’s talk about making decisions.  Cause I get to phofphelesziz…  (dude next to me at Tosca suggested “proselytize”…  that’s almost the word, though not quite…  Gah!  Where is Fitzpatrick when you need him?!)

First, a very important question: What do I want?

Simple: I want to be happy 1) personally and 2) professionally.  Both must fit within certain constraints.  What are they?

Constraint 1: Regret

When faced with any difficult decision, I ask: “What will I regret in the future?”  That is, wa-a-a-ay out in the future, assuming that I grow old without growing senile.  All minutiae promptly crumbles off the core often clearing the path to a decision.

Constraint 2: Personal Values

Can’t take money to the grave + want to be able to sleep at night.  That is, if my friends, family, future children learn about a decision – will it still feel right?

So far, no regrets and I stand by every decision I ever made in this manner…  and I’ve made some decisions that people think are…  well… strange…

Goals: JoVE & Moshe

A) For JoVE to be successful – financially, culturally, and impact-wise.

B) For Moshe to be successful. Irrespective of our conflict, he had a tremendous impact on how I’ve become who I am.  Besides, he was (and possibly/hopefully will remain after this) a good, even if occasionally incredibly difficult, friend.  For those of you who claim I am naive – I can live with that. Glass half full and all.

Goals: Personal

To launch several projects, have a positive impact, enjoy life.  We live in fascinating times when amazing things are possible.  The preceding generations would crust up into hard cynics over futility of it all – we don’t have that excuse.

Status Quo

Well, personal goals are on track. 

JoVE is a bit of a mess. Financially we barely grew in 2012, our culture is poor (Glassdoor), and I would speculate that our impact is well below potential.  That said, unfortunately, this is not entirely unexpected.  It is difficult enough for any company to grow past 50 people, a notorious breaking point in itself.  But JoVE, with all of its peculiarities, personalities, problems, egos, fear of borsch (oh, the inside jokes!), etc. – for us the transition has been particularly challenging.  And to add to this mess, our failure as founders to ensure adequate conflict resolution compounded our problems.

So what’s next?

It’s a decision tree…  Grandpa Mark once told me:

“Hope for the best, but expect the worst – this way you’ll never be bitterly disappointed, but you may be pleasantly surprised.”

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