Court Update: Electronic System En Route & On Blogging

Quick update: filed an appeal (petition for review) a few days ago with the Appeals Court in Boston: apparently, the court is now looking into getting an electronic system in place.  Curious how it (electronic system) will pan out – should be good for everyone.

On a related note, spoke to an attorney, who suggested that I stop blogging.  When I asked why, his answer was “So that you don’t give them anything to mischaracterize you.”  Another lawyer, at one point, also gave me another interesting advice: “You don’t understand how you are perceived.”  And mom cautiously asked “Do you really want people to be able to find this information?”

Why did I decide to blog:

  1. Narrative – I don’t control the narrative and I do not intend to let Fitzpatrick control it.  At this point, he has been able to get two judges to rule against me by mischaracterizing my actions – in both instances I didn’t have time or knowledge to prepare and his strategy was to, effectively, misrepresent me to a judge.  As I understand, there have also been some pretty nasty things said about me in other contexts – as I do not always have an opportunity to respond, this blog gives me a public voice.
  2. Bad Ethics like shadows – I have nothing to hide and my position is simple and ethical – that’s its strength.  And if my being open and public will not result in justice, if Fitzpatrick will be able to mischaracterize me to the point that judges will continue to rule against me, then perhaps we should be looking at our judicial system.
  3. Visibility – To hide this conflict when entering into a business relationship could be disingenuous.  And if someone refuses to work with me because of it, well…  do I want to work with someone who would do that? 

My parents sacrificed a great deal to immigrate here and I now consider US my country, my home.  So I intend to see my country’s judicial system work and, where it is sub-optimal, to contribute to make it better.  For one thing, I hope that the upcoming judgment on access to books and records will set a precedent that a partner in a close corporation will not need to worry about accessing books and records of his or her corporation.

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