Recent SW Project:

This weekend I implemented WhatChangedMyLife during the Boston Startup Weekend. As usual, not much sleep, but very educational.  This is what I learned:

  • Editor: XCode – a bit frustrating to use with Python cause it doesn’t respect spacing quite well…
  • Source management: Git and GitHub (thanks for one of the TWILIO guys for helping out in setting this up)
  • Back-end:
    • Python on Google App Engine (GAE) is fun.  Moreover, GAE hosts the project and deployment onto it with the launcher/deployment tool is really nice.
    • Datastore (the database used on GAE) is kinda weird and takes some getting used to.  Not your regular relational database.
    • Used only the webapp framework. Frustrating to write pagination for tables using the Datastore (see above).
  • Front-end:
    • Boostrap, from Twitter is a really good resource

Some other tasty tidbits learned this weekend:

  • CabanaApp is supposed to be pretty good for iPhone development– they had some trials available at the StartupWeekend for it and one team made two projects.  Definitely something to consider moving forward.  Also was recently recommended Titanium and PhoneGap…  haven’t played around with any of them yet, but will report soon.
  • github is not that scary and github is really nice

Yes, I know that WhatChangedMyLife is a really simple project, but it was my first full project on GAE with which I started playing around only about a week or two ago.  So don’t hate.

On a different, a bit more serious note, it looks like Amit Gupta, the dude who started Jelly among other things, needs a bone marrow transplant. So spreading the word.  If you know South Asians, let them know that Amit need them.

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