I am sorry

A while back, crack of dawn, I was about to leave my cousin Alex’s place in Williamsburg. Does he let me go in peace? Hell no…  he said I should stay for breakfast.  One should never take such invitations lightly, let alone from a fan of finer things in life.  I couldn’t stay since I needed to be in Boston to crank through some tasks before the day’s end, so I said:

Me: “I am sorry.”
Him: “No worries.”
Me: “Nah, man, you don’t understand.  I’m sorry I won’t get to eat cause it’s gonna be good.”

BAM!  English strikes again!   “I am sorry” with implication of “I regret X, because you prefer Y” and “I am sorry” meaning “I regret X, because I prefer Y” are the same expression.  The way the conversation should have gone:

Me: “I am sorry.”
Him: ”Yeah, it’s gonna be real good.”
Me: ”Thanks.  Add lemon.  Rub in wound, jerk.”

Ripe ground for misunderstandings.  Theme for the last 5 years.

Switching gears a bit – it sucks that it doesn’t matter what you are saying.  What matters is how it is perceived…


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