Evolution Accelerated

At one point I said “don’t worry, give up control, all will be ok”.  Recently I realized that I was making a major assumption: that evolution has lead us to a certain stable state…  And then I started looking back at my life: I’ve met absolutely amazing women and yet I am not even close to starting a family and, if I am to be honest with myself, I am the cause. And then I recalled how I heard the argument that “evolution is over”: progress in medicine means no more natural selection.  Except, if evolution has reached a plateau and I am not just a glial/expendable member of the gene pool, yet I am still single and grandma’s giving up hope on great-grandkids, what’s going on?

So here is a thought: the social structure went through more changes in the past couple of centuries (or even the last couple of decades) than ever before.  We now have tremendous choice in potential mates, our mediums of communication are changing from serenading to emoticon SMSes, and cultural exposure is sometimes such that we are homogenous in our heterogeneity.  All these have pretty major implications: the very presence of choice with old mechanism of “jealousy” lead to a significant increase in energy that has to be put into the system to couple two members.  Add to that cultural differences and changes in medium and both my and girls’ behaviors in my previous relationships (especially the last one) begin to make sense…

So…  if the above might influence people to the point where they would fail to pass on genes, does this mean that we could be observing evolution weeding the likes of me out of the system?  Ouch…

Of course this line of reasoning could itself be evolution at work – I am realizing that I may need to adjust to a new context if I am to find biological happiness.  Or not – perhaps I am just meant to go extinct.  Or perhaps I am, after all, just a supporting member…  or perhaps reduction in procreation in a society is juts population-control that comes from simpler evolutionary models to ensure that there is no overpopulation…  Or perhaps the impact from my last relationship with S is an indication that I am indeed wired for things to work out eventually one way or another…  there could be many explanation for what’s going on and why things are what they are, but I confess: the possibility that I may just be an obsolete system is unsettling.

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