Verizon–a company that hires idiots.

OK, so you have a good company.  You start selling good phones.  You have really good reception that everybody loves… well, except for your competitors.  Why would you then hire completely incompetent people who do not care about your business?!

Case in point – I want to port my number to Google Voice.

A great service that allows you to manage your calls forwarding them every-which-way.  I want to keep my phone with Verizon and I want to continue paying them.  The only thing I want to change is that, instead of calls going directly to Verizon, I want them ported in via Google Voice.  I will pay the same amount of money, I will do everything as before – I just need to shift phone numbers.  Should be easy, right?  No.  So far, spoke to a rep, then her supervisor Thalia(127413), and then her supervisor Tiana (from the Washington call center), and then I got a callback from Jilian (126086) who then said the same exact thing: I am bound by the contract and I must pay the early termination fee.  And not in a sympathetic “I am really sorry, I understand what you want, but we just can’t help you even though we really want you.”  But in a bitchy “I am doing you a favor just by talking to you and you are trying to do something you are not supposed to” sort of way.

Wait, I think I’ve seen this before.  Oh, right.  AT&T treating their customers like crap because they had the best phone on the market at the time…

Verizon, please get people who care about your customers.  I am not planning on defecting and stealing your precious iPhone.  I just want the phone to work for me the way I need it.  In the meantime, I am going to contact their corporate and see what they say.

For now, if you are planning on switching to Verizon because of their customer service, you might want to hold off on that. 

So, next step: sending the following email:

Hello Verizon,

I would like to do the following: I’d like to port my 609.462.6715 number to Google Voice.  At the same time, I don’t want to cancel my account with Verizon – I just want my calls to go through Google Voice.  So, to be clear – I want to remain a Verizon customer and I have no intention of breaching the contract.  I just want my Verizon phone to work for me the way I need it.

I spoke so far to a rep, then her supervisor Thalia (127413), and then her supervisor Tiana (from the Washington call center), and then I got a callback from Jilian (126086).  And they all said the same thing:  I am bound by the contract and I must pay the early termination fee.

I am quite upset at this as this is wasting my time to do something that is pretty straightforward.

Please help me or direct me to someone who can help me.

FYI, I am blogging about this at  And I will post your reply in my blog.

Respectfully yours,

P.S. I used to be a big supporter of Verizon a while back and then switched out due to poor customer service.  Now I am trying to switch back and I did not anticipate such problems so early in our… ahem… relationship…


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3 responses to “Verizon–a company that hires idiots.

  1. So… quick reply:

    Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless and using our online customer service to address your needs. We welcome the opportunity to assist you. We have received your correspondence and will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

    Your e-mail reference number is 74367540.

    If you have additional questions or comments, please visit our website.

    Verizon Wireless
    Customer Service

  2. Update: received a call from Katie (2899), a coordinator. Explained the case again. She asked if she could called back. Called back with the same response of “Sorry, no can do.” Asked to speak with her supervisor.

    Received callback from Robin. After explaining the situation, finally I have someone who said that she understands what I am trying to do and that it’s reasonable and that she just needs to talk to people to figure out how exactly this could be done and that I should expect a call tomorrow.

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