Musings: I am a Dumbass


Yay! Time to change the header.  Theme of the day, I am a dumbass.  Don’t ask. Those who know me well, already know what’s up.  Those who don’t know me, if you think, you can make an educated guess and you’ll probably be right.

Numerous revelations came about recently, not the least of which is how pathetic I am thinking so much about myself, when some people are doing something actually worth writing about.

Yet, somehow, sitting in my office, I feel important.  I feel like I can tell the world anonymously what I am thinking disregarding the paranoid truth of this being read by family too young to be aware of my being the opposite of what an older sibling is typically perceived to be, co-workers to whom I most certainly don’t want to divulge my personal life to (lest they decide to blame our CRM problems onto it), not to mention other people whose boundaries I must, for reasons beyond my comprehension, respect.

Anyway, having listed the reasons why I should not, in fact, blog about my personal life, I will heed my own logic and instead leave you with this bit of pseudo-wisdom that I became painfully aware over the last several months– no matter what you do, you are a product of evolution.  As such, all you think has been put into your head by centuries of your predecessors.  All your deliberations are part of a grand scheme designed to help you procreate and, unless you are a complete screw-up or unless something extraordinary has happened, I suspect you have nothing to worry about – it will all work out in the end.  Possibly in a sub-optimal manner, but whatever.  This blog, in itself, is probably a planned event from an evolutionary point of view.  Something some people might call a part of “growing up”.

The problem is when evolution dictates “And now, to ensure that you will procreate in the future, you are to be miserable.”  Then, my dear stalker/reader/whoever you may be, you are fucked.  Of course, if you try to place things in perspective, you may just be in a shitty mindset, but, be that as it may, you can only lament or, if you try to do anything, you will do more harm following my, now almost religious slogan, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.  Hence the image.

To spell it out, you and everyone around you know that the shortest path between is bla bla bla.  And it seems you should be able to pick up a pen and indulge in drawing the line between the two points so carefully presented to you by her majesty Providence.  However, if Providence then cuts you short, don’t be too upset – she has a reason, however sadistic it may be.  And don’t be upset when people around you refuse to acknowledge, to understand…  and follow their own version of Providence.  And if it doesn’t drive you completely mad, you’ll come out thinking a little bit more about the consequence of your actions and how any knee-jerk reaction or, worse yet, failure to react to someone else’s knee-jerk reaction can completely change the path you are on.  Or not.  Either way, not exactly your choice.  Say hi to fate as defined by evolution.

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