Movies: Gro2 and… uhm… inspirational crap worth watching… (uhm… sorry, God)

A while back, I saw the 48 hour film festival and was blown away with this movie:

Should be noted that this was done in 48 hours.  Awesome.

And, for the inspirational crap, this was sent to me by someone who has a threshold for forwarding stuff higher than I do (hat tip to the Magpies).  And my first reaction will be identical to your reaction, I am sure.  But, after the first few frames, call me a sucker, but it actually resonated with me.

Life is so strange sometimes…  Anyway, enough about that.  Back to real inspiration!

I should note, anger can be an amazingly productive coping mechanism for all sorts of things.  And on that note, I am heading to the gym.


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