Idea: Infliencial Conversations

A system that would facilitate exposure of conversations happening between various influential figures in our society on various important topics.

I was talking to a friend of mine and I realized that it is interesting to me to see who she is talking to.  Moreover, my friend I think has political aspirations, so I think that a lot of people may find tremendous value in observing her discourse with the people they respect – ability to converse succinctly with all sides I think is a tremendous thing.  For example, imaging someone who is very good at staying on point able to retain respect while conversion with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Bill O’Reilly, and Bill Maher…  All different people, different positions, yet a good politician should be able to understand the position of each of them and be able to make the listener feel that they are able to understand, yet make decisions based on analysis, on good values, etc.  And the discourse should be everyday discourse – such as discussion on the recent Israeli incident with the flotilla, discussion of the BP oil tragedy, etc.  Now these discussions should already be taking place in private – on FB, via email, etc.  I think it would be fascinating to attempt to give these discussions exposure.

How exactly to do it, I am not sure.  But I think some of the following could work:

  • exposing FB discussions
  • allowing people to forward their discussion to a system
  • monitoring of mailboxes and allowing people to expose conversation
  • conversation discovery mechanism that would allow me to answer the question “What are the most interesting discussions happening on subject X? (two influential people talking about X)

One of the results may be that conversations may finally be carried to resolution, rather than engaging in the circular redundant mess that we observe at the moment.

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