Idea: See All Sides in an Argument – AllSides

A web-application that would allow people to see top arguments from all sides.

One of the biggest problems in home political discourse is the fact that people brew in their own stew.  They talk their heads off spitting left or right venom left and right, yet there is generally very little understanding of the issues at hand.  A solution may be to put together a system that, instead of wikipedia, which seeks to find common ground, attempts to help identify top arguments from multiple camps about issues.  This would also have the added benefit that the size of a group in a discussion becomes irrelevant.  For example, if we are talking about the elections, I was interested in identifying top arguments for and against Obama, McCain, Hillary, etc.  Now I ran a small experiment in the past called – it allowed people to state who they would vote for and why.  Now I released the system like literally the day before the election, so it was pretty much a failure, but, what little participation I had actually showed me that this could potentially work.  I did some things in addition to separating arguments, but this separation was a crucial component.

Case in point, with the present discussions of involvement of Israel with the flotilla, I think it would be tremendously beneficial for people to really understand the point of view of their opposition however wrong they think it may be.  Without understanding the entity you are talking to, intelligent discourse becomes a bit difficult to conduct…

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