Idea: Air quality and Health

A system that facilitates collection of air quality data and enables correlation analysis with health-related data to attempt to identify causality between air and disease.

A friend of mine works in analyzing aerosols (particles in air) in air by building a mini mass-spectrometer (if I understood correctly).  Her lab/company is thinking of deploying these things internationally, but one thing that she feels may be missing is the ability to collect and aggregate data.  A web application and a set of tools that would allow this collection could be followed by attempting to identify correlations with health parameters.

Since air quality is one of the main environmental factors that differentiates people people living on the East Coast from people on the West coast, comparing aerosol contents of  air to disease could yield something productive.

Business model: sell data analysis or charge those with disease data (pharma) to run correlati

on analysis.  Although the business model should ideally be such that data is accessible to the world so that people with ability and interest could hack through it GoldCorp style.

  • GMail cleaner – we all
  • mini-ASM data repository and correlation
  • Glial Politicians
  • AllSides

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