Next Thing in Tourism: Fitting Video Content to Timelines

A platform that would place video content onto a timeline generating photos and identifying interesting video spots. 

So I am running around with my Flip UltraHD Camcorder camera (which, btw, I like quite a bit) and we were talking about Photosynth.  So why not apply the principles in Photosynth to Video that people collect while traveling?  This could give a wealth of information – you have a large amount of content to build 3D models on, you have time information, and you have a strong need that people have with respect to organizing content, of which there will be a ridiculous amount.

Then you can tag various sections like:

  • Coolest moments (a friend of Darya’s took us to some very neat places today)
  • Most interesting graffiti (of which there is a ridiculous amount in Tel Aviv)
  • Music heard (selling the music that you overhear)
  • etc.

This will most certainly come about sooner or later and could potentially be a product for Google to roll out with YouTube or for Microsoft to roll out should they want to compete with YouTube for the consumer video space.  Or the porn industry could pick it up…  hell, they are usually the innovators anyway.

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