London, Red, Ticket to Israel Booked

Saw Cyn today in London – great to see her.  She took me to see Red, a play about Mark Rothko and his assistant.  Liked it, although it seemed a bit dry and overly simply at times…  almost condescendingly so…  but that’s irrelevant – I was finally able to formulate the thought dynamic that I often have: I want to see things a certain way.  When I discover that there is a deviation from what I want/expcet to see, I freeze up, judge, spaz, become paranoid, etc. depending on context.  I wonder whether this way of thinking falls into being a male, a human, or if it’s juts psychological baggage.

Anyway, after some trouble with my CC card, booked a ticket to Israel – leaving on the afternoon of the 21st to arrive in the evening.

Now staying at The Generator Hostel…  off to sleep.

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