Data Compromised or Selling Email Addresses?

Not only was I screwed by on them slipping in a subscription charge, but it looks like either they sold my email address to spammers or their data center has been compromised.  Whom should I tell this?

Oh, and if you have a class-action lawsuit, let me know and I’ll gladly join.  Details below…

So here is the synopsis:

  • I never authorized paying $14.95 a month for their monitoring
    • They probably sneaked it into fine print.
  • I never received their emails
    • Turned out to be in the spam box
      • Along with other spam directed to the email address that I created uniquely for them.

So, first off, I am very angry because I was not aware that I authorized this charge.  It was sneaked in and I am not happy about it.  But then it gets better.  Perhaps I was wrong, perhaps I forgot to unsubscribe.  I make mistakes just like anybody else.  But why do I have a ton of spam in my mailbox addressed to the email address uniquely created for this transaction?

Now, the first gentleman that I spoke with was David Tijerina, who forwarded me to the escalation/priority team where I spoke to Daniella (extension 619).  Daniella assured me that they do not give out email addresses.  So, since I didn’t authorize giving my emails address and they do not give email addresses to anybody, how can you explain this picture:


I guess that CreditReport dot com data has been compromised.  I really should let someone in the news know about this.  Whom do I tell?

I should note that, when clicking on the Verizon email, there is not a single mention of CreditReport.  See below:


In case you are curious, the opt-out URL is:

Seedy evil I don’t like you.

Update: Spoke to my credit card (CitiCards – spoke to Bertha ID: BB86853), who suggested to use – apparently we are all entitled to a yearly free credit report.  Good to know.  Seedy evil I still don’t like you.


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3 responses to “ Data Compromised or Selling Email Addresses?

  1. Never thought it would be interesting like your post,this is sort content that always im prefer to read out some of new things for a someone new like methat need lot of reading.

  2. I created a custom email for this site too(I own several domains), and I just now started receiving spam directed to that address.

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