Netbook: HP Mini 110

Not very good.  Would not recommend.  Brief review follows.

For the first time in my life, I won something.  I won a NetBook.  Generally not a fan of HP, but what the heck, I’ll give this one a shot.  Especially since it was free :)  After briefly using it, there are basic things that are missing:

  • No battery duration (in time) indicator
  • No way to do extended desktop (wtf?)
  • IE crashed when using Flash + YouTube
  • Keyboard feels cheap, even though felt like it had potential initally

These are really basic workflows.  So, all in all, I think this machine is a piece of crap.  Or HP did a crappy job with the drivers.  Either way, based on cursory examination, I don’t like it.  I did win it at the NaviSite event at MSFT, so thanks!  It will still be used, but I would rather you guys raffled off an EEE or an Acer.

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