AT&T after SfN

This year, at SfN, I had a terrible experience with ATT unable to make or receive calls while at the conference center while drooling at Verizon and T-Mobile phones not having any problems.  So I decided to call ATT and resolve this issue.  The following is a record for me (and you in case you don’t want to waste your time):

  • What happened?
    • October 16th to October 21, 2009
    • Was at SfN (Society for Neuroscience)
      • Unable to make or receive calls while at the conference center 99% of the time
      • All other iPhone ATT users had the same problem.  Verizon, TMobile, and other users did not have problems.
      • This has impacted my business
      • I was able to make calls from the hotel.
    • Demand from ATT:
      • Waive termination fee if I decide to quit
        • If not, I will complain to BBB.  Possible class action lawsuit since there were so many people who had this problem.
        • I might stay if
          • they properly refund me for the trouble I had
          • they tell me that they are trying to solve these problems
          • I have some way to sub in another phone in a location where AT&T has bad coverage
      • Refund for the month

Here was the call (total duration: 1 hour):

  • Operator: Samika Contraris
    • Allowed me to upgrade my text plan because I went over limit.  Paid over $50 last month, which they didn’t credit me. But at least this month, instead of paying over $40, I’ll be paying $15.  Thanks…  I think.
    • Asked to be transferred to discuss next issue of performance with manager.
  • Manager: Mary Weymouth
    • Explained that I had bad performance in Chicago at SfN.  And by bad I mean that I was unable to make or receive calls 95% of the time.
    • Started telling me that AT&T has great service in Chicago.  I interrupted her saying that I am not interested in marketing.
    • Asked me where I was in the city.  I said that she should Google SfN.  Google is blocked.  Great.  I don’t remember the layout of the city as was bouncing between the hotel and the conference center.
    • Said that I was able to make calls. Tempted to give the “Are you calling me a liar?” line.  Almost resisted.  Told her that if she wanted to verify, again, Google ATT and SfN – I am sure you should be able to find many accounts.
    • Offered to refund 5 days, no early termination waiver.  Not acceptable.
    • Asked to talk to the manager
  • Manager: Deborah McElure
    • Refused to waive termination fee
    • Gave me the line “I can’t waive the early termination fee because you have good performance where you are.”  And the phone not working for 5 days at a conference attended by over 35K people in a major city seems to be of no consequence.  They had “trouble with their towers”.
    • Asked to talk to the manager
  • Manager: Gloria Ramirez
    • Offered to refund me for the month.  OK, thanks.  Now we are getting somewhere.
    • “Nobody can waive early termination”.  I call BS.  Asked to speak to the manager.  Manager is on lunch.  Asked to get a callback.
    • Will get a callback from Ted Binkley within 72 hours.  Time spent on the phone so far is over 1 hour.  Perhaps I should just take the hit, not talk to them, and, instead, complain to BBB, get myself an Droid, and be done with it.  I do like the iPhone though.

Let’s see what happens.

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