Unhappy with MozyPro

OK, as a business customer, I am becoming extremely unhappy with Mozy Pro.

Our server got hacked into.  OK, crap happens.  But then I try to do a restore and:

  • I checked the backup history and, despite the fact that SQL Server dumps the backup file onto the disk every day, and Mozy has generally been picking it up and backing it up every day, it hasn’t been backing it up for the past 12 days!!!
  • Been waiting for the file to start downloading for over an hour.  I am a paying business – why am I waiting so long?

Add to that annoyances like:

  • The rep was poorly trained or hard of hearing.  I had to give my email at least three times and my cell phone for call-back at least 7 times.  The rep’s name was Abhi Shek.
  • I didn’t receive a callback within 1.5 hours.  Ended up calling them myself, immediately asked for the supervisor, who’s name was Chang. Nice guy, but basically confirmed what I expected: backup not available as there was some trouble.  If there was trouble, why was I not notified?

Anyway, I know that I am now going to be looking for an alternative.  I love the idea of Mozy, but the implementation is fine until you run into problems.  And it may still be good for personal backups (unlimited space at $4.95 a month), but for business they need to improve their offering.

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