Update: White Mountains were Awesome

The white mountains were quite incredible.  We ended up going to Franconia – some photos available here.  Overall, the experience was great – the hike was surprisingly challenging.  We ended up going up the Falling Waters trail and, lucky for us, found a beautiful hiking spot right next to the falls.  Overall, very satisfying – well water, fried potatoes and all.  A bit short as we decided to split before the rain started, but still…  legs will be rightfully sore.

What shocked me most, however, is the Appalachian Trail hikers – beautiful beautiful people.  Met four:

Lunchbox, Bones (briefly), Moe (who picked up my jacket, which I left between Mt. Lafayette and Mt. Lincoln…  I am a dumbass), and the fourth guy whose name I don’t remember.  I don’t know about Bones, but the other three have been hiking from March 22nd…  we met them on August 28th.  But it’s not the time they spent on the road, it’s the vibe – almost completely stripped of superficiality and artificiality.  Talking to them felt refreshing, honest, genuine.  If they didn’t care for what I thought, they didn’t listen.  If they had something to say, they said it.  If they had a question, they asked.  And all completely devoid of any pretense.  Perhaps I am romanticizing this brief conversation, but to me it was akin to drinking fresh well water vs. treated water from the fosset.  A sort of living instance of “telling the truth is easy and pleasant” (said by Christ to Pilot in Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita when Pilot suggested that Jesus was trying to flatter him).

Anyway, Lunchbox is from Boston, so I hope he’ll ping me when he is back in the area.  Would be awesome to hang out with him.

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