Man or McEnroe

Checked out “Man or McEnroe”.  So-so show, the idea is good, but undeveloped.  Just as it gets interesting, the play is over.  Initially I thought it was just a bad play.  But, towards the end, it turned into a self-reflection on part of the artists, but, just as it was in All Wear Bowlers, the self-reflection doesn’t bring resolution – it’s as if the writers didn’t really know what they wanted to say and got lost in their own thoughts…  There is no feeling of completeness afterwards.  But I have to say, the presentation is excellent.  Both actors make you believe that, in fact, McEnroe is a petty, unpleasant, sorry man that they judge harshly in an almost comic fashion…  which is what initially made me angry – I mean WTF?  Who are they to judge a public figure so harshly?  And it’s not until the end of the play that I realize that the judgment is, in itself a facade…

This made me remember the idea for a play/movie that I had a while ago and that I would really like to implement – the main point is that all assumptions can be wrong.  The performance would consist of several vignettes that would each add on a piece of information that would invalidate the model that the user build based on the previous segment.  For example:

Scene 1:

Lights on

A girl (B) is standing stage right.  A guy (A) enters stage left.

B: (pleads) No…  no…

A (walks towards her throwing the chairs to the side)

B: Please…  please…  don’t do this…

A: walks up to her, slaps her across the face, walks out

B: MONSTER! (yells sobbing)

Lights off

Scene 2:

A guy (A) is sitting at the desk stage left and is rummaging through papers.

A: No…  please…  this can’t be.  I trusted her.  How could she do this.  That is almost all my money. How am I going to take care of my family?  No, this is not right. (stands up, starts walking stage right)

Lights off

And so on.  Although I think something other than a domestic-money conflict should be used – something not quite as cliche or as trivial.

Basically, amplify the idea that was pretty well presented in Hilary & Jackie’>Hilary & Jackie’>Hillary and Jackie.

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