No Country for Old Men

Confused.  Again.  Let’s see if I can piece it together.  Don’t read unless you saw as I will likely ruin the plot.

Starts out with a guy finding aftermath of a deal gone wrong – lots of drugs, everyone dead.  Finds 2 mil, decides to split with it – but realizes that he is messing with some dangerous people, so tries to be a cowboy – eventually gets himself killed.  The deal that went wrong is between the Mexican cartel and someone in the US.  Anton, the maniac, is brought in to find the money.  Kills those who hired him (why? or did they hire him?) and pursues the money.  Eventually gets it killing the cowboy”.  So seems he was hired by the cartel to recover the money…  or the drugs…  himself, has his own set of rules – does what he must, lets fate decide, deals with consequences as they come at him.

And then there is Anton the cop – the good guy always a step behind.  An observer?  In the end, Anton the maniac walks (limps?) off.  Anton the cop retires unable to deal with what he doesn’t understand.  Or perhaps he understands it too well and doesn’t want to see it?  He is a methodical and kind as his counterpart is ruthless.

I should watch the movie again.  It doesn’t make much sense so far, though.  Feels like a strange blend of regular human beings trying to live life in a rather screwed up world…

— day passed, thoughts bounced about —

What if the point was that we all live according to our rules, and yet all is up to chance – ultimately whether we live or die.  And Anton the Bad is the embodiment of a different set of rules that follows fate.  (Need to watch the movie again – was the light green or red when he ended up getting into the car crash towards the end of the movie?)  So he gets hit, he gets up, he makes due with what he has and walks away.  Anton the Good ends his career and tells the story of catching up with his father, so he lives according to his rules and walks away.  Yet the characters who tried living outside the rules, like the main guy whatever his name is, they die.  They die because, in this machine, they attempt to push the limits.  To make matters worse, they not only die themselves, but they end up hurting those around them.

I feel like this doesn’t make sense yet…  again, there is probably a single phrase, a keystone that I am missing.  Much like in Southland tales…  it was all so simple after a single thought, a single addition.

The nice thing, though, is that rather than attempting to superimpose past models onto this movie, I am forced to come up with new ones.  I remember how Victor once said that, when solving riddles he no longer deduces the solution, but thinks “What other riddles does this remind me of?”  I feel like life could get pretty dull once you are aware of most of the patterns that you encounter…

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