Idea: Comment Thread Digests

On a current thread about Russian Neo-Nazis, there was the usual content-to-noise ratio problems.  I found myself commenting on page 13 setting up a strawman argument with some usual suspect on these forums – the “you all suck cause you all idiots” type of commenter…  but he did have one thing right – who gives a rats ass about most of the comments.

Given the last comment I made about people interested in conclusions, this gave me an idea: I am interested in commentary below stories, but I hate all the noise.  Perhaps this is an opportunity for a startup to do comment aggregation?  This could create a whole new dynamic for discussions and how to monitor them.

The idea has two product offerings:

Part I:

Human-driven evaluation of comments and generation of synopses with conclusion parading at the top.  This way, whenever someone looks at a comment, they get to see what valuable content there may be underneath.

Part II:

A commenting engine with a rating system that would drive structure.  I have to think about this a little, but this could run on top of existing comment threads providing a value-add to forums helping deal with the problem of temporal dependence.

So, in case this idea flies, I just took Might be a good one to sick the prototyping system on.

Also, speaking of comments, this could also be especially interesting as applied to online discussions.  Perhaps something I could use at JoVE.

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