Observations on Thought

First off, we [people] are generally not interested in the process. Sure, there are scenarios when people do for the sake of doing (ends=means: music, snowboarding, leisure reading, watching movies, etc.), but I am talking about things like studying, working, doing things with an end-goal in mind.

The present blogging structure is not fit for this workflow – it is more of a pleasure-oriented medium so far.

So, two main points:

  1. Since this blog is intended to be my notebook, I need to change it.  Specifically, I need a product that would:
    1. Allow my readers (assuming someone other than me cares about content here), to get a present state and historical updates.
    2. Ability to interact with content on a constant basis.
  2. I am interested in answers to questions, which defines how I do research. For example, question that I have are:
    1. What is the most efficient way to exercise and why?
    2. How do I learn how to speed-read?
    3. Is what I am eating adequate?

Both have straighforward ways of being addressed, but need to sleep now.  Will post more later.

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