Democamp Boston

Checked out DemoCampBoston last night. Overall, the venue was great, but the event was a strange mix of interesting stuff with some stale and some downright lame presentations.

Brief synopsis:

  • – interesting.  If they are able to get so much traffic, does this mean we are somehow missing an opportunity?
  • – Uuuh…  lame.
  • Some absolutely ridiculous presentation that should not have been there. A bad ad for a consulting shop. If they really wanted to present, they should have shown some interesting/innovative case from their portfolio at least.
  • – simple straightforward class management (at least judging by the presentation).  I like.

Break – lalalala

  • – job board for startups – poorly designed (recommendation: talk to HellDesign), but may be pretty interesting: a nice graph-based display of relationship between companies.  For now it’s just in Boston.
    • Whoa!  Mentioned using MTurk to generate content.
  • – the guys who built the castle defense.  Oh…  I think think I confused him with Stickwars.  Awkward…  Good stuff though.
  • iCommerce (dot huh?) – I don’t get it.  Was he selling a new type of water?  Or is this a platform?  It was hilarious though – gets three people on the stage, gets them to stretch out, then gives them a sip of water, gets them to stretch again saying "See!  The oxygen in this smart-water makes them more pliable!" Then a doctor from the crowd chimes in (the guy from ResearchGate) with "Uhh…  isn’t oxygen delivered through hemoglobin and I may be wrong, but I don’t think there is a way to effectively get oxygen into blood by way of stomach, let alone this quickly."  Awkward moment. Presenter "Uh…  well, there was a lot of research…"
  • – basically a play similar to Given that they may be a straightforward tool, with some good marketing they may be able to take some market share. Not terribly interesting, but good to see how companies will compete in this space.

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