Laura and Euna Continued

I am feeling quite helpless.  The idiocy on the CNN site is rampant.  I posted the following comment here that is now awaiting moderation:

We live in a different world now that has no borders, one where compassion and concern for humanity crosses political and geographic borders. These two girls are what is best about our generation: an unbiased, genuine, and sincere concern for truth.

I think that these girls should be returned back to US at all cost. Allowing two journalists, let alone two civilians, to be detained for longer than is reasonable and then stripped of their lives should be completely unacceptable. I feel that this should be made clear to North Korea as well as politicians in the US and the rest of the developed “free” world. The girls should be extracted whatever it takes – a military extraction if that is what it takes.

Freedom is not free and, while initially we can hope that some reason may develop in North Korea, if the process takes too long, I think we, as free people, should stand for our own.

Perhaps another benefit from all this may be that this whole affair will be another push to make people aware of the terrible conditions that some civilians are left to endure. Although perhaps it is a moot point… when there is so much suffering in the world and it is so easy for us to stick our heads in the sand, we have become grotesquely desensitized to other people’s suffering. Perhaps these events may be a part of a changing tide.

What is most depressing is that I feel like these are huge, changing times and I can have an effect, but I feel like a blabbering idiot when I speak my mind.  I am not sure of anything I say as I am all to aware of my ignorance.

But there is one thing that I feel sure about.  In my teens I would have thought it sloganish and ridiculous, but, at this point I feel that freedom is not free and the free world should stand for its own.  If we don’t protect each other, who will?  And who is we?  Is the person on the other side of a border really different?

The big question for me is how can we establish a rapport with people in charge of places that need to change.  Do we even need to?  Consider if we dropped cell phones into countries that were loaded with simple communication and self-organizing software along with basic banking providing an external banking infrastructure thereby making local economic instability irrelevant?  Does it matter then that the mayor may be corrupt?

This could be a great experiment for our times…  although my thoughts are too raw now, too naive.  I need to be more aware.  Anyway, that’s for later.  For now, back to work.


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2 responses to “Laura and Euna Continued

  1. Anonymous

    re: 2nd to last paragraph

    The current issue of the economist focuses on the Iran situation. Technology & world access changes some things, but not others. Check it out – won’t make you feel better about the journalists’ situation, but there are some serious deep thoughts about the larger issues you bring up.

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