Movie: Lust, Caution

Just finished Lust, Caution.  Beautiful movie…  If you haven’t seen it, don’t keep reading – I will be talking about content.

It’s difficult for me to stay unemotional.  I live in comfortable times and have been blessed with…  with lots.  And here there is raw humaninty.  Ang Lee doesn’t judge, he states.  However allergic a reaction I could have to patriotism, however angry when I thought about what Mr. Yee did for a living, it’s impossible to judge.  The entire movie seem a historical observation of people stuck in terrible circumstances, living in a context that dictates the rules of survival in the machine.

The sex scenes…  I confess…  first I came across them on and was amazed at their reality, no, their sincerity…   but, having watched them now in context, I honestly don’t know what to think…  it is such a private part of life that resonates in such a strange and powerful way…  it exposed humanity under monstrosity, but today, if we are lucky, such sex exposes the same humanity in…  in what…  in our want to be alive, to feel alive, to shed the cliches, the baggage we impose on ourselves claiming that society has done it to us.  Of course this is my view, my deeply personal view that takes root in things I will not write about…  suffice it to say that we seek to prove to ourselves that we are alive and are not just automatons in an unemotional machine, but given the differences in context, it seems like a pathetic statement to be making in my shoes.  Then why do I not erase what I wrote?  Because…  because if you read and understand, then perhaps this would be one thing that would be nice to be proven wrong about.  And I suspect I am very wrong building my own cage.

Anyway, the movie is good.  Very good.  Although I might also be biased as I started associating the heroine with one of my closest friends, which made it that much more difficult to watch…

Anyway…  I liked the movie.  I liked that it doesn’t judge, but only states.  That it uses cliches to tell a story yet without being a cliche itself.

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