PHP + SQL Server = Bah!

OK, so, I tried installing PHP (since everyone is so fond of it).  This is for those who might want to repeat this feat.

Honestly, I suspect that all of my troubles come from the fact that I tried to deploy into C:\Program Files\PHP rather than C:\PHP.

So failed installation attempts:

ISAPI into C:\Program Files\PHP + Getting a driver for SQL Server from Microsoft here.  Ended up with:

IIS 7.0 Detailed Error – 500.0 – Internal Server Error"

Then tried installing FastCGI by hand (also into Program Files).  Ended up with:

HTTP Error 502.2 – Bad Gateway PHP

Then, downloaded the installation and installed as:

FastCGI into C:\PHP + driver was already installed

So my guess is it was all because of C:\PHP.  Actually, I would try to verify that right now, but, with MSFT, it seems that if it works, don’t touch it ;)  i feel stoopit.

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One response to “PHP + SQL Server = Bah!

  1. How about trying it on Linux? Say, Ubuntu? 🙂

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