"Yellow", the movie, stole our photo!!!

So a while back I was helping Lu and I hooked a buddy of mine Alexei and her for a photo shoot.  So, 2 years later, Lu shoots me an email.  Paraphrasing:

Lu: Check this out!



Me: Wow, that’s familiar.  But must be a different girl – doesn’t look like you.

Lu: <shrug>

Me: Let me ask Alexei.  Alexei, check it out!

Alexei: Yup, definitely stolen.

And then he showed me this:


BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!  Click on image to see the animated GIF that Alexei put together or go to his site…  NICE!!!


So it was stolen after all.  So I think we’ll go after them.

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  1. Морду им бить надо.

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