How do we work/browse?

What are the tid-bits that we publish?

  • Things that we find interesting
    • Don’t need to tag ourselves.  Collective tagging works just fine
  • Our thoughts where we need help
    • Should allow for collaboration beyond “comments”
  • Our notes that we want to retain
    • Need better way to catalogue

What’s the value from reading other people’s work:

  • Being updated – low value
  • If we are close, let’s hang out – location: focused micro-blogging  Why?
    • Professional proximity
    • Friends / Dating
  • Learn new things relevant to my line of work – helps my business
  • Help friends – feelgood, credibility.

Conclusion: a blog should evolve into a stream that allows multiple points of standardized access.  There should be RSS feeds for different thoughts and it is important not to just have proper tools to create content, but also to consume it.

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