H.264 Pseudo-Streaming (PDSeek) and Why CDNs Suck.

So, we at JoVE use FLV right now…  which means that stuff coming from post-production as MOV has to be encoded into FLV and then we have to run FLVtool to add metadata.  Now, when we developed our spanking new player, we switched to Flash 9 in hopes of using H.264, but then almost all the CDNs with promises of "Oh yeah!  We can do anything!", just as the project was to get off the ground, switched to "Yeah, dude, btw, we suck and can’t do PDSeek with H.264.  But streaming is really great!"  Except I don’t need streaming.  I need PDSeek (progressive seek).  Because we have users on dial-up who want to view our files and, after the terrible experience that we had with Mirror-Image by way of VeoTag, I don’t care to repeat the experience of a) explaining to people that jerkiness is to be expected and b) telling people to talk to their IT department to adjust the firewall to allow RTMP…  In the words of the venerable TheWebSiteIsDown, "You so suck".

So I recently posted a question on the NYTech meetup list and got a pretty useful response that mentioned:


(Thanks John)

But this means that I am my own CDN, which I think I don’t want to be…  If someone has some info on this, hit me up?

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