Idea Implementation: Turk + Translation

Back when I was helping Lu with her studio in Tokyo, I had to have some translations done.  It was a pretty eye-opening experience, that made me realize that the market is grossly inefficient.  And, at that time, I mentioned to several people: well wouldn’t it be cool to have an online marketplace where people can do translation and translation?  Well, looks like Google is moving in this direction.  Now I am not sure whether they are going to allow granular translation, but it could be an interesting start that could:

  1. Provide high quality on-demand translation
  2. Provide jobs to people who can do translation, but don’t know how to market their services

Thinking about all this makes me realize one thing: the days of marketing are numbered.  The purpose of marketing is to establish a connection between someone who needs something and someone who has something.  And marketing is the art of experimenting with channels and seeing what sticks if you throw content at a bunch of eyeballs.  Now there is a shift: targeted flow of information.  Where before you had to attract a customer, now you and customer will have an easier and an easier time connecting.

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