Downloading Stuff from MSDN subscription onto Win2003

Was having trouble downloading stuff from our MSDN subscription…  Solution?  Install FTM:

You also should add the site to trusted, but, if you do that, shouldbe smooth sailing.

Now, since I am with the MSDN concierge, might as well find out:

Q:  How do I mount the ISO files without downloading 3rd party packages or burning discs.  Since MSDN is all ISOs…

And download it from its home page:

Q: Why is my outlook atrociously slow, locking up my computer for minutes at a time and, occasionally freezing?

Q: My outlook indexing is broken – doesn’t find what I need when I do search.  How do I fix this?

A: Of no help.  Suggested I contact support:

Q: I can’t install SQL Server SP2 on my laptop.  Why?

A: Try downloading manually from  Have I tried it?  Not yet.


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Here is the full transcript:

12:25:43 PM CustomerNikita

Initial Question/Comment: How do I download things using my MSDN subscription on Win2K3? Right now IE blocks the downloads!!!

12:25:49 PM SystemSystem

12:26:04 PM SystemSystem

Annie has joined this session!

12:26:04 PM SystemSystem

Connected with Annie

12:26:08 PM CustomerNikita

Hey Annie

12:26:13 PM AgentAnnie

Thank you for contacting the MSDN Online Concierge. Please give me a moment while I review your question, Nikita.

12:26:20 PM AgentAnnie

Hi Nikita.

12:26:24 PM CustomerNikita

I gotta tell you, MSFT is giving me all sorts of grief… this is just part of it

12:27:38 PM AgentAnnie

You would like to download Windows Server 2003 with your MSDN benefits, right?

12:27:52 PM CustomerNikita


12:28:05 PM CustomerNikita

except I keep getting messages that the download is blocked

12:28:13 PM CustomerNikita

if you’d like, I can quote verbatim

12:28:36 PM AgentAnnie

Have you checked the settings of your pop up blocker?

12:28:59 PM CustomerNikita

Are you familiar with the problems of download MSDN stuff on Win2K3?

12:29:14 PM CustomerNikita

Do you know what message Windows displays?

12:29:25 PM AgentAnnie

Try me.

12:29:33 PM AgentAnnie

May I have the error message?

12:30:27 PM CustomerNikita

I would hope you would, since you are MSFT support and all. But here you go: "There was an error launching File Transfer Manager. If you are running …. or Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1, this installation may have been blocked. If the gold IE…"

12:30:53 PM CustomerNikita

BTW, tried turning off the pop-up blocker. Doesn’t help

12:31:24 PM CustomerNikita

It looks like FTM can’t start. And IE doesn’t let me adjust ActiveX security settings

12:31:46 PM CustomerNikita

(Yes, the site is now running as a trusted site)

12:32:08 PM AgentAnnie

Thanks for the information, Nikita. You may need to check if your FTM the latest version, please refer the following link:
Current Version Info

12:32:24 PM CustomerNikita

(BTW, I prefer "try me" rather than the longer versions 😉 )

12:33:05 PM AgentAnnie

Okay..thanks. Is your FTM the latest version?

12:33:24 PM CustomerNikita

Downloading MSI

12:33:45 PM AgentAnnie

Okay, take your time please.

12:33:52 PM CustomerNikita

Uhm… maybe not. It’s not doing anything.

12:34:36 PM CustomerNikita


12:34:41 PM CustomerNikita

Tried to download, and it’

12:34:55 PM CustomerNikita

s popping up the bar. I click it, say "Download file" and…

12:34:57 PM CustomerNikita

nothing happens

12:35:04 PM CustomerNikita

no fireworks, no fanfare, nothing

12:35:32 PM CustomerNikita

I am almost about to install Firefox

12:35:36 PM CustomerNikita

but that would just be lame

12:35:49 PM CustomerNikita

being unable to install MSFT stuff using MSFT browser? Kinda ridiculous, no?

12:36:02 PM AgentAnnie

Thanks for trying, Nikita. Please refer the FTM troubleshooting page, I think you may get some hints:
I am using Internet Explorer and I keep getting error "There was an error launching File Transfer Manager" when I try to initiate a transfer. How do I fix this?

12:36:32 PM CustomerNikita

ok, trying

12:37:33 PM CustomerNikita

ok, now, magically, it downloads

12:37:40 PM CustomerNikita


12:38:07 PM AgentAnnie

That’s a good step.

12:38:24 PM CustomerNikita


12:38:27 PM CustomerNikita


12:38:28 PM CustomerNikita


12:38:42 PM CustomerNikita

OK, since we are here together forever (joking), can I ask you some other questions?

12:39:06 PM AgentAnnie

So you can download Windows Server 2003 right now?

12:39:11 PM AgentAnnie


12:39:31 PM CustomerNikita

I can download VSS, which is what I was trying to download in the first place.

12:40:50 PM AgentAnnie

Glad to know that this download issue is fixed. May I know your "other questions"?

12:40:52 PM CustomerNikita

OK, question # 1. If I have an ISO that I am downloading now

12:41:06 PM CustomerNikita

How can I use this ISO without actually burning a disc

12:41:06 PM AgentAnnie


12:41:11 PM CustomerNikita

Is there a way to mount it?

12:41:21 PM AgentAnnie

Sure, one second.

12:41:50 PM CustomerNikita


12:43:11 PM AgentAnnie

You may use DAEMON Tools which is a good disk image emulator and optical disc authoring program for Microsoft Windows.
You may refer the introduction of it from WIKI:
And download it from its home page:

12:43:16 PM AgentAnnie

It’s easy to use by the way.

12:43:49 PM CustomerNikita

Bah, lame. I was hoping MSFT would have something MSFT based

12:44:07 PM CustomerNikita

What if my company policy doesn’t allow anything but the mighty MSFT?

12:45:42 PM AgentAnnie

I’m sorry that Microsoft doesn’t have such products, Nikita.

12:45:55 PM CustomerNikita

Please note my complaint – this shoudl be part of the OS

12:46:01 PM CustomerNikita

Anyway, next quesiton;

12:46:13 PM CustomerNikita

Why is my outlook atrociously slow, locking up my computer for minutes at a time and, occasionally freezing?

12:46:18 PM CustomerNikita

Any solutions?

12:47:11 PM AgentAnnie

Microsoft should leave other companies space to grow if you can understand, sometimes we can’t just produce all kinds of software:)

12:47:36 PM AgentAnnie

May I know the version? Is it Outlook 2003 or 2007?

12:47:56 PM CustomerNikita

Yeah, but then you shouldn’t distribute stuff as ISO images

12:48:16 PM CustomerNikita


12:48:33 PM AgentAnnie

I’m sorry, Nikita.

12:48:45 PM CustomerNikita

As you damn well should be!!!!!!!

12:48:46 PM CustomerNikita


12:49:07 PM AgentAnnie

Okay, and what did you do before it freezed?

12:49:37 PM CustomerNikita

I know you personally made sure that, just in case the user is successful downloading, tthey can’t use the ISO.

12:49:47 PM CustomerNikita

It freezes occasionally when doing send-receive

12:50:03 PM CustomerNikita

it’s as if Outlook runs in a single thread and, when it does send-receive, I can’t do anything

12:50:11 PM CustomerNikita

and sometimes it never leaves the send-receive mode

12:50:14 PM CustomerNikita

(On Vista, btw)

12:50:42 PM AgentAnnie

Thanks for the information, Nikita. I will try my best to search the Microsoft web site to see what I can locate for you. If I am unable to find something quickly, we can talk about what other options you have for support.

12:51:29 PM CustomerNikita

OK, can’t download the daemon

12:52:30 PM CustomerNikita

"Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded"

12:52:51 PM CustomerNikita

BTW, you should fix the chat window too – it is bigger than the frame that contains it

12:53:16 PM CustomerNikita

I can send you a screenshot if you like

12:53:38 PM AgentAnnie

You may need to check your security setting so that you can download DAEMON Tools.

12:53:53 PM CustomerNikita

Can’t modify thenm

12:53:59 PM AgentAnnie

I’m sorry for the chatting window if it caused you inconvenience.

12:54:11 PM CustomerNikita

It’s ok… least of my problems

12:54:21 PM CustomerNikita

although if I used the mouse to click Send, it would be a real pain

12:54:44 PM AgentAnnie

May I know if you have any anti-virus program running on your Vista? It might be the reason you Outlook 2007 freezes when doing send/receive operation.

12:54:58 PM CustomerNikita


12:55:26 PM CustomerNikita

Wow. Daemon rebooted the server… ok, interesting

12:55:42 PM CustomerNikita

it’s a good thing this is an application server that’s not our production machine.

12:56:09 PM AgentAnnie

As far as I know virus scanners are a known cause software causing send/receive issues. Please give me another moment to do further research for you. Thanks for your patience in advance, Nikita.

12:56:19 PM CustomerNikita

Sure, thanks

12:56:51 PM CustomerNikita

BTW, Annie, can you please not follow protocol with long statements? I like the "try me" statements much more than paragraphs 🙂

12:57:47 PM CustomerNikita

Also, while you are at it, search doesn’t work properly in Outlook either – looks like contents are not correctly indexed.

12:57:49 PM AgentAnnie

Okay…thank you for relaxing me:)

12:57:54 PM CustomerNikita

My pleasure 🙂

1:00:39 PM AgentAnnie

Nikita, I’m sorry that I didn’t locate any more specific information of your issue.

1:00:59 PM CustomerNikita

Didn’t really expect you to…

1:01:10 PM CustomerNikita

looks like just archaic architecture

1:01:15 PM CustomerNikita

what about the indexing?

1:01:20 PM AgentAnnie

However you may contact technical support for further assistance.

1:01:33 PM AgentAnnie


1:01:37 PM AgentAnnie

I’m sorry.

1:01:39 PM CustomerNikita


1:01:49 PM AgentAnnie


1:02:04 PM CustomerNikita

is there an email I can use? Preferably with someoen who actually knows what’s going on and is not going to ask me to reboot much computer 3 times? (reference:

1:02:05 PM AgentAnnie

Would you like me to locate you the number of technical support?

1:02:32 PM CustomerNikita

email would be better

1:02:44 PM AgentAnnie

May I know which country you are located?

1:02:48 PM CustomerNikita


1:02:49 PM CustomerNikita


1:04:30 PM AgentAnnie

Thanks, Nikita, you may refer the following link for the support options:
You can start an email support request there.

1:04:45 PM CustomerNikita

Uh… may be

1:05:18 PM CustomerNikita

OK, one more

1:05:35 PM AgentAnnie


1:05:59 PM CustomerNikita

Windwos Update keeps failing on KB948109

1:06:11 PM CustomerNikita

Security Update for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2

1:06:19 PM CustomerNikita

Moreover, this is happening on multiple computers

1:06:27 PM CustomerNikita

I have SQL Server Express set up

1:06:50 PM AgentAnnie

One second.

1:09:31 PM AgentAnnie

Nikita, you may need to download it manually from here:

1:11:10 PM AgentAnnie

Is that OK?

1:11:51 PM AgentAnnie

Nikita, are you still with me?

1:13:16 PM AgentAnnie

Actually I should have been off duty 10 minutes ago:)
I haven’t received a response from you in some time. Would you like to continue our conversation? If not, I will go ahead and close this session.

1:13:57 PM AgentAnnie

Thank you for using the MSDN Online Concierge. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please feel free to come back again.

1:14:01 PM SystemSystem

Annie has left this session!

1:14:01 PM SystemSystem

The session has ended!

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