Diary: progress report…

I feel… I feel like writing something random, I feel like not stopping and just rambling on because really I don’t have much to say as my hair needs a shave and I am just about to call this crap art but really I am not high in fact I don’t do drugs and it’s cool by me like the ice cube rolling down your stomach cause we all think about sex anyway but it’s overrated what the hell am I talking about?

Existential… beautiful… art, I tell you, pure, unadultrated art is what is above. Stand in front of it long enough and you’ll learn to appreciate the complexity of bullshit. Bullshit without commas. How can people produce so much of it? They close themselves in their little worlds, take buckets of paint, and then impose their genius self-expression upon an innocent canvas and an unsuspecting art-lover-wannabe strolling around in Chelsea. It’s not art. It’s psychology. Now there there can be something interesting… although, more often than not, it’s a process of improvisation – looking at art is like meeting someone beautiful, but incredibly stupid: the them (or the artist) not speak so that they don’t ruin the good first impression.

Speaking of impression, interesting thing: I’ve been impressed by Mad Money (www.madmoneyrecap.com) and been casually investing… lost some, won some. Net positive. At present am in CNC, MSFT, and NTRI. Why? Sigh… My, enough, no more rhyme:
CNC – Mad Money made sense, ended up buying on the low, made 30% or so
MSFT – gut feeling it will go up. Intuition. Giant MSFT at 27? Something strange.
NTRI – Mad Money, looks like can only go up. Plus the health craze is where things are going anyway.

He mentioned GOOG and YHOO in one sentence. One is 400 the other is 40… Thinking of switching out of MSFT and into YHOO.

I think the best advice I’ve ever read about the stock market is “Never try to turn a bad trade into a good one”. Got burned on IRBT – got in too late on the IPO, didn’t get out in time. Need to set up automatic thresholds with stocks like that…

Anyway, playing with this stuff is actually surprisingly fun. I’ve noticed that if I choose something because the idea sounds good + I think it’s the trend, more often than not, I end up being right. It’s like betting on trends… And if I can make some $ in the process? My life revolves around $ now. $ and women. $, women (or rather one woman, who’s been occupying my mind for the past week solid), and… of course debauchery manifesting in sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll… all the size of one cubicle.

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