Diary: strong decisions…

OK. So I finally accepted it. I accepted that no matter what I try to make things better, I seem to make them worse… at least with my girl… or my ex rather… Anyway, today we parted ways again. Except this time we decided to cut until we can be friends. Stupid, hard, frustrating, but now seems like there is no other way. Or is there? I miss her… Let it be soon. I am a schmuck.



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2 responses to “Diary: strong decisions…

  1. zc2

    sorry for bothering you in such moments, but there are two opinions:
    1. do no try to make things better, use them as they are.
    2. think, do you really need a girl with who you’ll have rough contacts all the time in the future?

    • Anonymous

      LOL. I forget who reads this thing sometimes… 🙂 Agreed on both points. Except I don’t think there would be roughness in the future. As for keeping them as they are, it’s very hard to do guilt free when you see that your actions are hurting someone you love.

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