Diary: romantic hell…

I miss her so much. Right now, all that was wrong seems insignificant and all inside me turns inside out wanting to see her. Love. But then, what if I will flip again? It’s not fair to her. I’ve already done this to her once and she was really hurt. I was really hurt. Love sucks… I wish we could just date. Give it some time. May be things would work out. But that’s the selfishness in me talking… the fear of loneliness, the fear that I won’t meet someone nearly as cool as she is. After all, she is nothing short of awesome. So parting is the easiest way to minimize the pain… I hope… for her at least… Yet I feel powerless. Does anyone know how to deal with these situations?

Sleep. After sleep I should be better. This feeling is terrible… but, at the risk of making myself look better, it’s better than lying to her.


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